Retirement Planning Old

Retirement Planning

Are you dreaming about retirement but not sure if you have saved enough?

  • Do you need assistance determining when to begin Social Security benefits?
  • Would you like retirement planning advice that does not involve a sales pitch?

Shifting from saving for retirement to spending down the funds during retirement can be a difficult transition that is filled with what we call, “one and done decisions”. Determining when to leave full-time work, take Social Security, and how much your survivor benefit should be on your pension can be difficult choices that have long term impacts on the sustainability of your retirement assets. We help you plan for and navigate those decisions without the sales pitch. If you do have the need for specific investment advice or asset management, we can refer you to trusted advisors in the Olympia area.

Please call our office before you decide to retire so we can help you evaluate your options. We can provide you with multiple retirement planning scenarios to help you visualize what your retirement will look like with your current savings, expenses, and planned spending goals. The sooner you plan the more time you will have to change the trajectory of your retirement so you can live comfortably and enjoy your retirement years.
Keep in mind that retirement planning does not stop when you retire. We assist our clients throughout their retirement years to minimize taxes from retirement account distributions, evaluate changes in expenses and the impact on their savings, as well as navigating the financial challenges of long-term care.

As a Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL®) and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®), Ellen is uniquely qualified to help you navigate your retirement years with decisions that go beyond the finances.

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