Financial Services

We focus on the tax planning and preparation needs of the single owner small business. This includes offering advice to those that are new to owning a business and providing guidance through the startup process.
Shifting from saving for retirement to spending down the funds during retirement can be a difficult transition. We help you plan for and navigate those decisions without the sales pitch.
Have you been filing your return on your own, but this year suddenly got more complex? Put your mind at ease and hire an enrolled agent to prepare your income tax return. We are accepting new clients and would like the opportunity to meet with you about our services.
Thinking about retiring soon? Buying or selling a business or property? Please call us before you make any significant financial decisions that could impact the amount of income taxes you pay. Timing is everything when it comes to tax planning.
Ellen specializes in tax reporting for rental property income. She can guide you through the many tax issues that can arise from owning or potentially selling a rental property investment.
There are many types of trusts and various reasons for creating them but determining the filing requirements for the trust can be complex. We can help you navigate the record keeping and tax return filing for your trust.

All services are fee-only, no financial products recommended or sold.

If you are seeking bookkeeping, payroll, corporate or partnership tax services we recommend Ben Anderson at Olympia CPA

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